June 2019 | Taste the Rainbow

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Happy Pride Month! SlutBox is committed to being an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. Part of being a slut is embracing everything that you are and who you are. Your identity, who you love, and how you love is unique. I’m here to support you and make you feel seen, loved, and celebrated!

This month, I’m sending you some of my favorites to help you feel good, cared for, and sexy. You deserve it all, baby.

P.S. In honor of Pride month, I’m also donating some extra special care packages filled with my SlutBox favorites this month to one of my favorite LGBT centers in LA! Giving back and showing your support (with donations, time, support, or a love) is so so so important. How can you give back this month?

Inside The Box: 

1. Custom SlutBox, Exclusive Honey Bag $25.00retail value  |  

2. Privy Peach, Topical Oil $5.00retail value  |  

3. Scentuals, De-Stress Aromatherapy Roll-On  $12.00retail value  |  https://www.scentuals.com/

4. Dermovia, Lace A Peel Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask $30.00retail value  |  https://www.dermovia.com/

5. Appeal Cosmetics, Holographic Lip Gloss $21.00retail value  |  https://www.appealcosmetics.com/

6. Saucy Lashes, Daily Nourishing Creme $16.00retail value  |  https://saucylashes.com/

7. SlutBox, Pride Coloring BookN/Aretail value  | 

8. SlutBox, Mystery Item $27.00retail value  |