November 2018 | Love Urself

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November 2018 | Love Urself

Grateful for my Rosebuds!

It’s time to love urself all the way down.

It’s November! Time for pumpkin pie, collard greens, mama’s mac n’ cheese and MUVA’s November Box! November is all about Thanksgiving, spending time with family (and that includes chosen family!), and taking stock of your blessings. It’s also a great time to step back, do some self-reflection and practice a little self love. Gratitude is the name of the game this month, so why not include a little gratitude for everything that makes you the badass b you are?

My Box this month has everything you need to look and feel your best all month long. As always, you can expect to find my new faves in beauty, skincare and glam, plus some dope wellness picks and wearables. And as always, everything is hand picked by me just for my Rosebuds, so you know I’m bringing you the good stuff. When you open your November Box I want you to take a second and thank yourself for being a gorgeous, intelligent, confident, strong, sexxxy babe. MUVA is grateful for all of you.

xo, Muva

Inside The Box:

1. SiiZu - Ivy Long Arc Earrings $35 retail value  |

2. Bernadette Thompson - Dollar Bill Money Nail Appliqué $25 retail value  |

3. Eddie Funkhouser - Quattro Variable Lash Mascara $12.99 retail value  |

4. Oil of Love Deluxe Sample $3.98 retail value  | 

5. Half Stitch B - Bang Bang Sticker $5 retail  value  | 

6. Crumble Candle Co. - Healthy Wax Melts $6 retail value  | 

7. Cherry Vita - Gummies $10 retail value  |  

8. Good Clean Love - BioNude $12 retail value  |  

9. OrganiCup - Menstrual Cup $27.70 retail value  |