September 2018 | Back 2 Cool

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September 2018 | Back 2 Cool

September has never been sexier… and we’re getting ready for the event of the year. Are you ready for the SlutWalk?

Happy September! September is one of my FAVE months of the year – fall is in the air, my boy Sebastian is gettin’ all excited for back-to-school, and my third annual SlutWalk festival is so close I can TASTE it! Not to brag, but the Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival is prettty much the biggest party of the year with the dopest music, celebrity guests, fashion, art, and the most inspiring speakers and community leaders. Being in that crowd is like a high – for days after meeting you babes, hearing your amazing speeches, and feeling your incredible passion and energy, I feel like I can take on the world!

For my Box this month, I wanted to bring you all the essentials you’d need to attend the SlutWalk in style!

As always, I’m bringing you my latest beauty and glam finds, some incredible lifestyle scoops, and even a MUVA-approved accessories to wear to my SlutWalk. Whether you’re hitting the streets with me in Pershing Square in LA or repping the movement in your hometown, I want to make sure you feel confident, comfortable, sexy and super gorgeous this month! I hope you’re as obsessed with this month’s box as I am!

xo, Muva

Inside The Box:

1. Demeter Fragrance Library - 10ml Roll-On Perfume in Amber $12.00 retail value  |

2. Amber Rose Box - Graphic Button $7.99 retail value  |  

3. Facial Forensics - Green Tea Toner $22.00 retail value  |

4. Estate Cosmetics - Dew Me Baked Highlighter $10.00 retail value  |

5. Coco - Spray & Play  $7.99 retail value  |  

6. Egyptian Magic - Egyptian Magic Skin Cream $6.00 retail value  |

7. Ms. Betty's Original - Ms. Betty’s Bad B Balm $4.00 retail value  |  

8. Esoteric Life - Medium Raw Brazilian Rose Quartz Stone & Intention Card $13.00 retail value  |

9. Mystery - Mystery $50 Gift Card $50.00 retail value  | 

10. Bring it Up - The Original Instant Lift $5.00 retail value  | 

11. Tenga - EGG Stepper or EGG Silky $6.50 retail value  |

12. The Brothers Apothecary - Golden Dream Tea $10.00 retail value  |

13. Bring It Up - Double Talk Scented Messages From The Heart $10.00 retail value  | 

14. Amber Rose Box - What To Do If You're Stopped By Police Pocket Guide